Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the ONLY official Dogs4Diabetics blog. Please join us for the latest news and information about Dogs4Diabetics (D4D). D4D is a unique program of teaming highly-trained assistance dogs with diabetics to alert to impending low blood sugars (hypoglycemia). With over 11 years of scientific research and program refinement we have partnered nearly 100 highly-skilled dogs with Type 1 diabetics. Our dogs are trained to save lives!

Dogs4Diabetics is a nonprofit organization providing these life-saving dogs to diabetics throughout the western United States at NO cost to the diabetic. D4D is fully accredited by Assistance Dog International and very engaged in supporting the highest training standards for our dogs and clients to ensure the quality of each partnership.

Please visit our website at for additional information.

Thank you for joining us and keeping in touch with us through this blog.

Mark & Armstrong
Dogs for Diabetics, Inc.
A nonprofit organization serving the diabetic community.

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