Saturday, October 9, 2010

D4D Management & Organizational Changes

Today, we announced some management and organizational changes underway at Dogs4Diabetics. Over the past year Dogs4Diabetics Board of Directors has been seeking the input and feedback from our clients, volunteers, donors, staff, and constituents regarding the mission and future direction of the organization.

The Board of Directors has spent considerable time reworking our mission and organizational direction to better serve our clients'  physical health, mental health, diabetes management, and overall well-being in conjunction with our life-saving hypoglycemia-alert dogs.  This organizational change will now include new outreach to diabetics who need assistance controlling their diabetes to prepare for partnership with a D4D alert dog; as well as outreach to diabetics who choose not to use our dogs to assist in managing their disease.

As part of the organizational redirection, the Board of Directors is making some important board and management changes.  Both Kathy O'Brien and Carol Edwards are no longer serving on the Board of Directors.  We thank them for their many years of service.
Additionally, Carol Edwards will be leaving her role, as Program Director, to pursue new opportunities.  Carol has played an important and integral role in the founding of Dogs for Diabetics.  Carol has helped Dogs4Diabetics grow from an idea into an internationally-recognized organization.  Thanks to Carol, and all who support D4D, we now have over 80 dogs partnered with diabetics.

This change in management will be challenging for the next several weeks and months but we believe it will result in an overall stronger organization.  During 2011, we will be seeking an experienced Executive Director, with additional skill sets in management and development, to help the organization through the next phase of growth.

While we are saddened to lose Carol from the organization we are also excited about the new direction and potential growth of Dogs4Diabetics.

Dogs4Diabetics is an amazing team of community partners, volunteers, donors, and clients.  I am thankful for each individual and organization who help us make our life-saving mission available to more diabetics.

I sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Best regards,
Mark Ruefenacht
President & Founder

Dogs4Diabetics is a registered trademark of Dogs For Diabetics, Inc., a nonprofit organization of dedicated volunteers providing highly-trained assistance dogs to insulin-dependent diabetics to alert on impending low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Please visit our website at .

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